Our web analytics services help you track, measure, report and optimize your integrated online advertising and web marketing campaigns. In order to take full advantage of your website, you need to fully understand your traffic sources, your marketing initiative performance indicators, and the steps your visitors take on your site before they leave your website or take further action (e.g., completing a lead generation form, downloading a PDF or going through the shopping cart process to purchase an item).

          Analytics for Marketing:Marketing executives recognize that customer conversations with and about your company are multiplying as consumers use mobile devices and social networking to share opinions, recommend products and services, and express sentiment about their favorite, and not so favorite, brands. Buried in the millions of reviews, comments, emails, surveys and tweets generated every day is a wealth of customer intelligence that can be mined and used to improve the customer experience with your brand.

          Analytics for Customer Service:Customer service leaders recognize that the next generation contact center must have the ability to analyze and respond to customer conversations across multiple channels. That used to mean email and web as well as phone, but today those conversations are also taking place on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as in online reviews, comments on blogs, and directly with the company in surveys and call notes. For industry leading brands, the ability to analyze and respond across all of these channels can mean the difference between winning and retaining customers, or losing them to the competition.